Addiction: a loss of plasticity of the brain?.

My brain is totally a narcissist, and this article feeds its addiction to learning about and loving itself. There are many additional similar articles that will help shed some light on the physiology of addiction, and I would like to see what the effects are on a more vulnerable brain such as those affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other brain disorders.

From viewing people that have such brain disorders take different forms of drugs, I have observed there is a difference in the way they metabolize the drugs compared to recreational users that are otherwise healthy when starting to use any drug. It seems the difference in the brain functionality produces differing experiences of the same drug.

I will hazard a guess here and say that my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has suppressed my immune system enough to make it very sensitive to many chemicals, and with each flashback and anxiety episode it becomes more vulnerable unless I gain the knowledge to counteract and repair the damage.

My approach is through gaining knowledge about exactly what it is that is depleting, and finding the most efficient and healthy way to acquire and administer it.

I am looking forward to reading what the other articles have to say about what we as a whole have learned about how different drugs affect the body, and more specifically, the brain.