Cameron Herold: Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs | Video on

I love this talk by Cameron Herold. The essential message is that entrepreneurs are exercising the creator within. Entrepreneurs are trained to be creative, and  the system we live in now teaches us to block the creativity. To be a follower in this society means to not have your own ideas, but rather apply your skills to someone elses ideas because you are not allowed to have your own. You are not smart, so follow those that are. Bullshit. Everyone of us was born with the inherent ability to create what we can imagine. How we use that ability is what determines how our lives are shaped.  Cameron makes a great point in saying that we dont teach our children to be creative. We teach them to be destructive instead. Toy guns, war video games, competitions of all kinds are creating destroyers. No wonder we stress so hard against the societal norms. We are creators by nature, and we are teaching our children to be the opposite of what their true nature is. We teach with every word spoken in front of the innocent, and every action they see. What lesson do you want them to inherit?