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Now here is a simple exercise that may help to change the negative thoughts that plague a person with PTSD, or anyone for that matter. There are many, many simple exercises and tools that will help with different aspects of the disorder, and it is my determination to introduce you to as many as I come across.

I did this exercise as set up here, and it did have an odd effect of confusion at first. Then, when the whole thought is spoken, a sense of calm came over me as I said it a few times with more conviction, and finally as matter- of- factly. It felt “true”.

Now we “wait” for the results. Paying attention is very important as we continue through our daily activities. The only thing we need to do is observe.

Mind you, I am not really “waiting”, as this word implies. I already have an idea that I am working on on a daily basis that I know will eventually provide cash flow, but it is not as of yet. I’ll check back in a month, and let you know how the cash flow is coming along.

Not all tools feel right for every person, so learning about many, then picking and choosing those that feel right for you is important for your speedy recovery. I have come across some that just didn’t feel right for me, but worked beautifully for others, so I’ll try to include those for you as well.

This is a journey of discovery for all of us as we change from what we once were to what we are becoming. We cracked because we don’t fit into the flawed picture of reality that has been in place for far too long. As we heal ourselves, we discover the strength to express the reality within which is the creator self.

We live in a world obsessed with destruction. No wonder we make ourselves sick fighting against the pictures that this reality creates when our nature is so opposed. When we reconnect with the creator within, we begin the healing process. This is the natural flow, and no energy is required to oppose.

When removing a destructive habit, replace it with a creative habit. That is essentially what this exercise helps you do. You stop the destructive thought with “I don’t know how”. You bring yourself into the present with “I only know _  now”, and then you finish the thought in a positive tone with “and I am fulfilled”.

I’m thinking  that if you do not fill the void with something positive of your choice, the void will fill on it’s own with something that feels familiar(which has been destructive). Nature abhors a vacuum, so make a choice, or the choice will be made for you.

I’ve made my choice, so lets see what happens next.