YouTube – Harold Bloomfield M.D. “we have the seeds in us of greatness”.

Here is a talk that I want to hear more of.  I see PTSD as a serious resistance between the lie we believed that brought us to the traumatic situation, and the truth of its true nature. We do not want to accept it as our reality because we do not believe it should be. My experience asks, “Why the hell not?!”

Destruction has become the norm of the world society today. With it so rampant, why the hell wouldn’t you and me, as human beings on the same small planet, not experience the hellishness that we create daily in our blindness?

We believe mistakes should be punished severely. Talk about a planet killer belief. Mistakes are just found ways of not doing something. We cannot know everything as a single human being, so we are all bound to make mistakes, more so if we have no guidance as we grow up.

I am sorry your parents beat or screamed at you every time you made a mistake, but they were wrong to treat you like that. It has been a belief that has been passed down generation after generation that has bound the proper growth of many of us.

Anger stunts the natural growth pattern and sends it in a different direction. When we express anger, we stop the natural progress of whatever or whoever it is that we aim it at. So, if you have ever expressed anger at someone or something, then you are a participator in the structure of this society today.

We all deserve, by our beliefs, to be punished severely for what we have created. Forgiveness is the path to healing the planet. Forgiveness of ourselves for our stupidity, or rather, our innocence and ignorance, and forgiveness of others because they are learning just as we are.

Forgiveness does not mean I am saying it is okay that you hurt me. I am seeing that it was a mistake or misjudgment on your part, and I will not allow anger to focus my attention on the incident any longer because I have dreams that need my attention to grow.

If the incident was very painful for me, I will not allow you back into my space until you acknowledge that you did not mean to cause me pain by your actions or words. When you acknowledge your mistake, it can be released. Do not hide your mistakes as you cast darkness on them and thus contribute to the darkness in the world. Let us enlighten the world by admitting our mistakes and moving forward knowing that that was not a good path, so let us not take it again.