American Institute of Stress is dedicated to advancing understanding of Stress in Health and Illness..

Here is another fantastic website I have found to gather information about stress from. I was reading through an article on Science Daily that mentioned Stress magazine, so I googled it and found another wealth of information. I will have a browse around the website and let you know what I find most interesting and helpful from this particular site.

I wanted to get this to you asap, as our healing from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is of utmost importance and urgency to us as individuals. Dive in. See what nuggets of inspiration you find that will help in your journey through this process. I am always looking for great tools and inspirational stories to add to my self care kit, so I can’t wait to test these waters. Don’t wait for me though. It’s your bus. Drive it at whatever speed feels comfortable for you.

I am off to my second party in 24 hours.The theme of my weekend seems to be celebration, and I am grateful to have something to celebrate. I am a little concerned that I may overdo it and exhaust myself, so I am keeping a close eye on how my body and mind are feeling. If I detect any imbalance developing, I will leave early. I have learned to put myself first in these situations, and that has helped to reduce stress that I create with my beliefs about courtesy that I am working to adjust to be more flexible. Enjoy the read. 🙂

To our health,

Anna Faulds