Become Lighter Than “Care!”.

Guy Finley always has some wise words for us as we navigate our way through this process called PTSD, or post traumatic stress disorder. I don’t know about you, but my mind is massive, and it’s easy to get lost while exploring new avenues of it that I haven’t visited before, or forgotten about. The unknown is darkness, but with each step forward into it, our light shines just enough to illuminate the new environment. When we connect with others on the same path, they help to illuminate parts we did not see before. We can see more together than we can separately. Perhaps that is why “divide and conquer” is such an important tactic in the game of war. People agree to play war on one level, the physical level, but the whole being is affected and vulnerable because there is no separation. It is an illusion when we perceive ourselves as separate, as it is when we perceive our fingers as separate from the whole. There are no mistakes that haven’t been made in one form or another previously, and yet the world still goes on.

Do not sit with your mistakes, or carry them with you. Find the lesson and only take that with you. Travel lighter than “care” as Guy Finley so eloquently writes in this article.

Now if you’ll excuse me…I’ve got some more unpacking to do 😉

Anna Faulds