Frontiers | Ephus: multipurpose data acquisition software for neuroscience experiments | Frontiers in Neuroscience Methods.

Ooooooo…TOYS!! lol. Yup. That’s the way I am about new tech for brain studies. I have a narcissistic brain that takes me on trips for days just talking about itself. It’s a good thing I’m interested, but only enough to learn how to shut it up for a while. 😛

It’s actually saying some pretty cool stuff these days, so perhaps it is just to let it talk itself out of it’s stupid ideas. You know what I mean right? When you are thinking something that sounds great in your head until you say it out loud only to find yourself saying”that wasn’t as good as it was in my head.” Kinda like now.

I like software that integrates functions making life easier, so this is exciting technology. I am thinking I may need this information in the future, so I wanted to share it with you in case you are already in need of this now. Enjoy the read.

to our health,