Perceived life-threat affects mental health, Swedish research finds finds.

The summary of this article is that a person doesn’t necessarily need to be in an actual life threatening situation to perceive it as being one. This sounds like the start of a flashback to me. It makes me wonder why verbal threats and verbal abuse are not considered violent crimes seeing how much damage they have caused countless people. Our lack of understanding of the power of any energy we emit is sad. We blindly injure others because we don’t perceive that power with our eyes, so we believe it must not exist. Here is just another piece of evidence that that energy has real consequences when aimed with the intention of causing pain. Maybe one day there will be a law that protects people from those people with verbal diarrhea, and there are plenty of them around. Just look at the media these days. There are far to many people that are allowed to make their money by making an art out of this practice. Crap is crap no matter how you package it. Let’s stop being mesmerized by the shiny packaging, so we can stop buying the crap that we are being served.