Dr. Stephen Sinatra LIVE from the Longevity Now Conference 2010.


In this video excerpt from the Longevity Now Conference, Dr. Sinatra reveals a simple exercise that will improve our heart health.

Simple changes are the easiest to make, so having many of these kinds of tips will make significant improvements in our health with what seems to be no effort at all.

These can be added along with the more challenging changes, as you feel a sense of accomplishment immediately with the simple changes, that feeling will help you through the tough moments of the bigger changes like quitting smoking, drinking, drugs, or whatever other habit we know is standing in the way of our health and happiness.

I love this little exercise because it can be done almost anytime and almost anywhere in less than a minute.

Have some fun with it. Act like a gorilla or monkey, or some other creature that has large arm movement like a butterfly. Using our imaginations in this exercise also helps workout the brain, so it is a twofold benefit to our recovery from post traumatic stress disorder(PTSD).

If you can laugh as well, then you are in a fabulous healing mode for the short period of time you are engaged in this activity.

Set yourself free for a moment a day, and your heart will thank you for it.