Probiotic Microbes Could Be a Key to Good Health.

So, our gut health is an important factor in rebuilding our immune system while recovering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD). I recently discovered David Wolfe’s work on longevity with a huge section dedicated to rebuilding the immune system to super immunity.

I haven’t had a chance to pick up his book yet, but it looks like a great place to start the rebuilding process. I have listened to a few interviews, and the huge team of people David is working with is amazing. I love his energy when he speaks about his research because the passion for what he does shines through, as it does with all of the people I have heard that work with him. I think his energy is infectious, yet it isn’t over the top.

Picking up his book, and attending the next longevity conference is high on my priority list as I continue my journey to recovery. I am starting to understand that there are many factors that need attending to when planning a recovery program for yourself, and nutrition is a significant one.

I did cleanses and probiotics twice a year for a few years, but stopped a couple of years ago because I couldn’t afford it after losing my job.

Now that I understand the importance of the practice, I will pick it up again.