Probiotics and Prebiotics.

This is a really good article that gives suggestions for food choices, tells why we should not have alcohol when recovering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in terms of the gut health. It sounds like alcohol kills the good bacteria in our guts that help in our physical recovery.

I do find it odd that the article talks about there not being any known side effects of not having probiotics in the body, yet there is a long list of diseases and disorders that are shown to react well to treatment with probiotics. Perhaps they are refering to an outdated view of probiotics, but I couldn’t be sure from what is written.

According to the list of prebiotics, I have a good handle on including most of them in my regular diet, so it really isn’t much of a change from my daily routine to pay attention to these items in my food choices.

This is a piece of the puzzle that I have had for a while, but didn’t know it. I’m glad I now it’s significance now, so I can make it a solid part of my rebalancing regime.