Care for prisoners will improve public health, researchers say.

The public view of what a prison’s function is is perhaps our greatest obstacle to improving the system. Generally, prisons are regarded as one big toilet bowl to throw all the people that make us uncomfortable and have made mistakes into.

Unfortunately, the toilet doesn’t flush and we now find ourselves with a backed up toilet that is spilling out all over our nice clean floors. We blame those in charge of keeping the system going for the mess, and we blindly believe we are blameless in the whole picture.

Is it any wonder the young people today are so afraid of making a mistake? The message we give with the system we pay taxes to support is that, if you make a mistake in life, you will be tossed out with the daily garbage.

Our self worth is not a given, but rather something that can be taken away in the blink of an eye with the first mistake that you make.

Prisons are a necessity in our society today, but we are not doing anything to lessen that need. Perhaps some potty training while in prison would help.

We know shit happens, and that sometimes it is necessary to expel that which clogs the system, but we are going about it ass backwards. Maybe we should become much more intimate with the shit of our society, so we don’t lump and label groups. There is no one that is on this planet that is not involved in adding to the pile because we choose to believe fallacies that are outdated.

We cannot view the prisoners as separate from us, but rather a part of us that is in need. A part that has been injured, and we have ignored in their pain. They are the part of society that is under the bandage, so we don’t have to look at the ugliness of pain.

In the mean time, we are loosing vital blood from our system as a whole and we are wondering why we are dying as a society. We learn to speak the language of pain as we learn more about our surroundings, but our mother tongue is love and that causes confusion in our understanding and interpretation.

A very simplified reason behind Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD), is the incongruency of the internal language of love and the external language of pain that we live in. We cannot move in two opposite directions at the same time, so the internal battle begins.

So, how does this article pertain to me with PTSD do you ask? Well, to heal we must perceive our surroundings to be safe, and a revolving door of punishment with no healing is making the environment more hostile rather than safer.

We are living in a broken system that must change to stimulate healing in the society as a whole, but for that to happen we must admit we are wrong;that we made a mistake; that we also deserve punishment if we are to stick to our belief system as it is now.

If we are to believe another article that indicates that soldiers returning with PTSD are ending up in prison, we can either address the problem now by opening them up to every healing opportunity that is available, or we can allow the issue to become a monster that we will be forced to face in the future.

My aim is for the every healing opportunity available route.