Cortisol Levels – Weak Immune System – Health Tip – RealAge.

So, the studies that show how cortisol released during stressful situations can inhibit physical healing, have made it to the main stream medical media. It is an effect that all agree on now, so where do we go from here?  How do we create the best environment for healing for people with post traumatic stress disorder(PTSD)?

I suppose we identify what it is exactly that we all need as a group, and what our needs are as individuals. What are those needs? Who can help? Where can we access the help we need?

There are so many questions, and thankfully, just as many answers to choose from. Some will feel like they were created specifically for you by some psychic, fairy genius that knew you would need this exact thing by the time it was ready( I have a few of those,hehehe), and some will not.

This is a process or journey we are engaged in, so pick what you need at the moment, and continue on until you find something else that you can feel is helping you. We create our personalized tool kit along the way as we identify our needs.

I have a few that I have collected along my 25+ year trek through this maze of darkness and light. I will gladly share them with you for your review. If you have found something that has helped you in your healing journey, please feel free to share as well.

If we stay connected, we will not be conquered, so keep in touch and let’s heal together.