How sad is it that our energy center of creation is being coaxed into believing its purpose is to destroy? But who exactly is being destroyed by this act? Far more people than one would think.

This United Nations Human Rights article, Rape: Weapon of war. by unknown author reveals the devastating effects on all involved in this barbaric practice.

Do you really want your boys and girls to enter a profession that teaches them to rape and kill? I find this disturbing because soldiers have been taught for centuries that it is okay to be a psychopath for a while, but please pull it back and keep it locked away when you  get home.

The media likes to make it sound like the Canadian Coronal that has been in the news lately that went to jail for not putting it away when he came home is unusual. The problem with creating psychopaths is that they don’t know how to undo it, so they just try to ignore them and hope they just don’t cause waves and go away quietly.

I don’t know about you, but all the psychopaths I have run into in my lifetime carry a tidal wave of destruction in their wake. I am concerned that there will be far more incidents such as this one, if  this issue is ignored.

So, what do we do about it? Asking the question was the first step in figuring this out for me. I know there are many people already working on the answer, so I’ll have a look around and see what people are saying and doing.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) is a hard thing to live with no matter how a person comes by it, so it makes sense to change the  things that we can change that we clearly know are causes of it.

I dream of a time when the only cases of  PTSD found are caused by natural disasters and unavoidable accidents, but they don’t last long because everyone knows how to heal it. Who knows, maybe that time isn’t that far off.