Heal the Warrior, Heal the Country: Breaking the cycle of war making by Edward Tick.

Wow! Edward Tick is truly an expert on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that I would love to have a discussion on the topic with.

What a superb article this is in articulating a jumbled pile of thoughts I was collecting which was leading me down the same road Edward Tick has clearly traveled long before me, and thankfully so.

Edward does justice to Walt’s story as he shares it with us here, and in doing so helps guide us in our journey ahead as we welcome our warriors home.

There is so much hope ahead when we have people like Edward Tick and the many like him helping to restore the balance to our society that we all seek, yet we have no clue where the road is that will take us to our desired destination.

We have much to learn from this wise man, and luckily for us he has written 4 books so far and can be found at this website: www.soldiersheart.net

I am going to contact him and see if he would be willing to share more of his wealth of knowledge in a conversation to share with us all.

I for one want to know what I can do to help make their transition as painless as possible, and I know you do too. That is why I want to share these upcoming conversations with everyone.

I can actually say that I am looking forward to the journey ahead now because I now know there are fantastic guides along the path like Edward Tick.